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About Us

Dear friends and partners,

 After 40 years of dynamic presence in the Greek electrical equipment market, we have chosen the best quality materials from factories all over the world and in Greece and make them available to you through our online store.

Having listened to the needs of the Greek consumer public for materials of high technological standards, easy to use and simple to install, we searched and found for you the materials included in this online store.

The selection factor was the high quality of the products, the care for the safety of the end users, the implementation of the legislative framework of electrical installations as well as our responsibility towards the environment and energy saving.

Thanks to our many years of daily contact with Greek electrical installation professionals, we fully understand your wishes as well as the needs for materials that offer solutions to the peculiarities of Greek building installations.

Being the same manufacturers, importers and strategic partners of our suppliers, we are able to guarantee with our word the reliability of products bearing the CRELI brand.

We invite you to browse our new CRELI online store and get to know us better!

Our story….

The CRELI company started in 1974 as a small cottage industry and today is a well-organized unit for the production of electrical panels.

The development from 1974 until today has been rapid, thanks to the work of the company's executives and also to your support.

The continuation was upward:

In 1995, AFOI KAPARELI was established with the perspective of further serving the partners of CRELI, and meeting their needs in electrical equipment.

In 2000, the import activity of the companies CRELI and AFOI KAPARELI begins with imports of electrical equipment, emphasizing certified quality and serving the requirements of the purchasing public.

In 2009, an existing factory for the production of electrical pipes and boxes in Attica was acquired, thus enriching the activities of the companies CRELI and AFOI KAPARELI. The production of "CRELI" electrical tubes and boxes is now a fact.

A second investment is made in 2009 with the establishment of an additional store in the area of ​​Peristeri and a new member is born with the establishment of the company KAPARELI EMPORIKI.

We hope that the continuation will be more upward thanks to the trust you show us every day...

CRELI Philosophy & Vision

The human factor and respect for partners are the main characteristic that has always dominated the philosophy of the executives of all companies of the CRELI family.

Our principle is that honesty, straightforwardness, respect and trust can and should be a key feature of professional relationships and are a key factor in progress.

The companies CRELI, AFOI KAPARELI, KAPARELI EMPORIKI and KAPARELI PLASTIKA are family businesses and this family atmosphere is also reflected in the relations with our partners.

Our partners are integral members of our family and we consider it our obligation to be by their side listening to their requests, constantly looking for ways to improve the products and services we provide.

All the companies of the CRELI family are Greek and primarily aspire to remain Greek by contributing to the development of our country's economy.

The second generation has already started working in the companies and with the inheritance of the know-how wishes to bring further development and progress, faithful to the values ​​that characterize the upward trajectory of the CRELI corporate family.

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